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Seeking Higher Ground

Out Now

Since 2008, a nonprofit in the heart of South Providence, has been serving marginalized communities - with a focus on immigrants and refugees from Liberia and other West African nations who have relocated to Rhode Island. This month, Jim Hummel introduces us to the founder of the organization, who has walked in many of their shoes.

Highlighting Community Heroes

About Rhode Island Spotlight

The Rhode Island Spotlight is a 501(c)3 non-profit. The mission of the Rhode Island Spotlight is to highlight and celebrate community heroes, both individuals and organizations, that are making a significant, positive difference for fellow Rhode Islanders.


By putting these organizations in the Spotlight, we provide them an opportunity to increase volunteers, donations and clients served. 



Rhode Island Spotlight Videos Produce Results

We surveyed organizations that have been featured on Rhode Island Spotlight and this is what they said:

30% saw a slight or significant increase in volunteers

93% saw a slight or significant increase in

the number of clients served

53% saw a significant increase


84% saw a slight or significant increase in donations

28% saw a significant increase

Your Donation Does So Much More Than Support The Rhode Island Spotlight

Your Donation Will Help Us Continue This Work
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